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Symantec acquires Luminate Security, an Israeli company with extensive knowledge of Software Defined Perimeter technology. Once the acquisition has been completed, Luminate’s technology should serve as an extension of Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense Platform. This technology will soon be available to users who access workloads and apps, from any location and over any infrastructure.

Today, companies are increasingly confronted with sophisticated hacking attacks and threats. According to Symantec, these are major threats and that, according to the company, requires a new way of working. This new mindset must also be applicable to architectures that are not specifically developed with the cloud in mind.

Different cloud architectures

Symantec states that Luminate’s Secure Access Cloud is built for cloud architectures. It allows companies to give their users access to different documents and applications from anywhere. But it does allow users to only connect to the apps and documents they should be able to access.

Greg Clark, Symantec’s CEO and CEO, said his company expects more and more companies to use a multi-party infrastructure in the future, including Azure, AWS and Google. Confidence in an external infrastructure is therefore very important, as companies increasingly outsource the management of their infrastructure, although they remain responsible for the data and for users, says Clark.

Secure and private access is a cornerstone of cyber defence. We look forward to working with the Luminate team and accelerate the delivery of these unique features to our customers, he concludes. The aim is to seamlessly integrate the techniques, so that users do not notice at all that they are using different technologies. As long as they use Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense Platform, of course.

The amount of money involved in the takeover is not known.

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