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Oracle accuses Dutch company Tapcore of ad fraud

Oracle accuses Dutch company Tapcore of ad fraud

Oracle accuses the Dutch company Tapcore of ad fraud. The cloud giant argues that it discovered a fraudulent practice in the company’s SDK from Voorschoten. Tapcore denies the charge, reports Tweakers. Tapcore also wants to cooperate in an investigation into the case.

Oracle states that it found software called Drainerbot on five apps. In addition, apps and games load ads in the background that are not shown to the user. The phone then heats up for no reason and the apps and games consume gigabytes of data in the background.

Drainerbot uses specifically infected code on Android devices to deliver the video ads. The app then reports back to the advertiser network that every advertisement is shown on a legitimate website. Those websites aren’t real. According to Oracle, the SDK contained in the apps is distributed by Tapcore.

The SDK is included in the apps and games Perfect365, VertexClub, Draw Clash of Clans, Touch ‘n’ Beat – Cinema, and Solitaire: 4 Seasons (Full). Of those apps, only the last one seems to be online. Oracle states that the apps and games have been installed more than ten million times in total.


Tapcore is a company from Voorschoten that helps developers earn money from paid apps and games that have been downloaded illegally by users. The company now denies all of Oracle’s accusations and claims to be “extremely surprised and alarmed”.

“After hearing about the Drainerbot fraud, Tapcore immediately started an internal investigation, to see if such code has ever been distributed by our network without our knowledge,” says the company. Tapcore also indicates that it wants to participate in a survey with all “interested companies”. “Openness and transparency is important in the mobile advertising industry, and Tapcore is willing to share all data and results.”

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