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CrowdStrike, supplier of endpoint security solutions, introduces a platform for companies to check their threat level. The platform, called CrowdScore, is located on the CrowdStrike Falcon platform.

The service is intended for CSOs to be able to see in an instant what the threat level is for their business. They can also get immediate information about an incident, so that they can get started with crisis management plans as quickly as possible.

According to CrowdStrike, security teams must recognise incidents within one minute. They should be understood within ten minutes and problems should be contained within an hour. According to CrowdScore, CrowdStrike makes it possible to achieve these goals. “With the introduction of CrowdScore, CrowdStrike wants to revolutionize organizations’ approach to understanding and responding to threats, and how customers use the CrowdStrike Falcon platform,” said Dmitri Alperovitch, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of CrowdStrike.

Using manpower more efficiently

In addition to a direct display of the threat score, there is an Incident Dashboard. It contains a collection of security alerts. These reports then become manageable incidents, by using AI to prioritise these incidents. This way, IT professionals know which issues need to be addressed first. There is also an Incident Workbench, with which advanced visualisations and the context surrounding security threats can be requested. This should make investigating threats and incidents a lot easier and more transparent, saving IT professionals a lot of time.

A problem with IT departments is that there is often simply not the manpower to deal with incidents. According to Frank Dickson, vice president of the IDC Cybersecurity Research Program, this is a common problem. “The problem nobody wants to burn their fingers on is that security teams don’t have the manpower to deal with all incidents and warnings. Today’s reality is that successful security teams make the right choice for the warnings and incidents they need to address and when they need to be addressed. With CrowdScore, CrowdStrike provides the tools to make threat assessment capabilities and subsequent response more informed, faster and more effective, so that security professionals can respond strategically to the most critical threats in their environment at the right time”.

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