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Major tech companies collaborate in CyberPeace Institute

Major tech companies collaborate in CyberPeace Institute

A number of major tech companies have decided to collaborate and set up a non-governmental organization (NGO) that aims to stop the growth of global cybercrime. The group is called the CyberPeace Institute, and was founded by Microsoft and Mastercard, among others.

The CyberPeace Institute was set up to reduce the severity and frequency of cyberattacks, and to make the internet a more stable environment, says IT Pro.

The organization is working towards this goal by helping and protecting victims, analyzing and investigating threats, and promoting healthy cybersecurity standards and common guidelines.

Reliable research source

“Governments, the private sector, civil society and academia must be part of discussing solutions and taking concrete steps to protect people,” said Tom Burt, corporate vice president for customer security and trust at Microsoft.

In particular, the fight against cyberattacks requires a reliable source of research, as well as analysis of the impact of cyberattacks on global citizens.

The organization is following the example of other NGOs around the world that have helped victims of wars and natural disasters, and have had discussions about protecting the victims. “It’s become clear that victims of attacks originating on the internet deserve similar assistance, and the CyberPeace Institute will do just that,” said Burt.

Organizational structure

The organization is headed by CEO Stéphane Duguin, who is the head of the Internet Referral Unit of the European Union and previously played an important role in the establishment of Europol’s European Cybercrime Center.

Duguin will be in charge of a management board of eight members and an advisory board of thirteen members. This advisory board consists of leading cybersecurity experts and experts in international law, human rights and international affairs.

Among other things, the organization intends to create a CyberVolunteer Network. This network consists of a community of representatives from industry, the public sector and academics. The network is intended to help the victims of cybercrime, in the form of emergency aid and recovery aid.