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Citrix has announced two new products to help companies secure their cloud-based applications. Secure Internet Access and Secure Workspace Access offer different methods to secure the connection between the employee and the cloud.

Secure Internet Access

With Secure Internet Access, Citrix provides a security solution for end-users. The suite includes a secure web gateway, a next-generation firewall, a cloud access security broker (CASB), data loss prevention (DLP), sandboxing and attack detection based on artificial intelligence.

Secure Workspace Access

The other new solution introduced by Citrix is called Secure Workspace Access. It secures cloud environments on the side of the servers. When used, only specific users gain access to only those parts of the cloud environment that are relevant to them. This is done based on zero trust access, which provides much more precise access than an average VPN can. The solution is intended for enterprise web and SaaS applications. It is suitable for organizations with their own managed devices as well as organizations that have a bring-your-own-device policy (BYO).

Integration with existing solutions

The two new packages can be used together or separately. The systems are also able to work plug & play with SD-WAN solutions from third parties.


In 2018, Citrix announced a new direction for the company. From now on, the company focuses on the Workspace app. Techzine has written an extensive background article about it. We also discussed the developments in an interview with Citrix-CTO Christian Reilly.