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During CyberArk Impact Live, CyberArk announced new enhancements to its Identity Security Platform. With this privileged access management platform, CyberArk aims to provide its customers with a holistic approach to providing secure access to users anywhere, anytime, regardless of the device they are working on. Today, CyberArk announced three new SaaS services.

The first service is CyberArk Dynamic Privileged Access. With this service CyberArk wants to make it possible to give users rights to access hybrid and multicloud environments. This was already possible through static (or standing) access, but now also dynamically. CyberArk claims it’s the first to offer this combination of standing and dynamic access. The idea is that users always have just enough rights to perform their work, no more and no less. Dynamic Privileged Access also provides auditing capabilities. This allows you to see exactly who got access to what and when this happened.

With CyberArk Secure Web Sessions, we arrive at the second new SaaS offering. This adds additional layers of security to access critical applications running in the browser. These additional layers include continuous monitoring, as well as enforcing re-authentication and isolating suspicious processes on users’ endpoint devices. According to CyberArk, Secure Web Sessions manages to strike a good balance between security and the user experience.

The third and final new service is CyberArk Lifecycle Management for Privileged Users. Quite a mouthful and actually an extension of already existing functionality within the Identity Security Platform. This should help with faster onboarding of new employees, even if they need privileged access. In addition, it should make it possible to deal more efficiently with issues such as audits and compliance.

Shared services and Conjur Cloud

In addition to the three new SaaS services listed above, CyberArk announces the release of new shared services. These cloud-native services can be added by customers to CyberArk software running on-prem or in a private cloud, or managed by CyberArk. You can also add them if you are already using CyberArk’s SaaS offerings, by the way.

One of these is aimed at being able to properly scale up the protection of identities within organizations. This is by merging identity management, authentication and authorization into a single management layer. Another service adds AI-driven Identity Security analytics. This allows you to bring together user behavior and analytics. That makes for faster detection of and response to potential threats. A third shared service lets you integrate an Identity Agent into your environment. With this, you add adaptive MFA to endpoints, giving employees the privileges they need and keeping session protected at all times. The last shared service CyberArk talks about is API-first design. This allows customers to easily integrate third-party applications into the Identity Security Platform.

A final announcement we’re highlighting here is Conjur Cloud. This is not really a new service, but a SaaS variant of the already existing Conjur solution. It allows you to protect things like credentials that DevOps uses.

Dynamic Privileged Access and Secure Web Sessions will be generally available by the end of this year. Conjur Cloud and the extension to Lifecycle Management for Privileged Users will be available in 2022.