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IBM SASE service aims for zero-trust security for enterprises

IBM SASE service aims for zero-trust security for enterprises

IBM has unveiled a new enterprise-level Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution designed to encourage adopting the zero-trust security approach. The tech giant said that the new service is named IBM Security Services for SASE.

It will utilize technology availed through partnering with Zscaler, a cybersecurity firm it has been working with since May. The new offering’s design should help organizations speed up the adoption of cloud-delivered security at the edge and closer to the users and devices that can access corporate resources, as well as promote zero-trust network access (ZTNA) in the enterprise.

What’s included

IBM Security Services for SASE come with zero-trust strategy protocols, a modern network architecture, SASE blueprints, and Zscaler capabilities that include creating processes and policies to manage SASE and support IBM Managed Security Services.

The company says that IBM Security Services for SASE will bolster a mostly hybrid workforce, merger acquisition execution, network upgrades, and third-party access systems, to enhance Internet of Things devices (IoT), 5G, and the Cloud.

Mary O’Brien, GM at IBM Security, said that traditional approaches aren’t viable in a digital world where users and apps are distributed.

Organizations have to adapt to a new reality

O’Brien added that the company is seeing the digital transformation happen in real-time as organizations plan to operate in a hybrid model for a considerable amount of time. The new approach requires changes in culture, processes, and collaboration across teams, leveraging “new technology architecture.”

IBM Security Services for SASE is now commercially available. Earlier this year, IBM and Zscaler announced a partnership built around creating a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) implementation of IBM Cloud Pak for Security, emphasizing the development of zero-trust architectures in the enterprise.