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British police arrested seven suspects in connection to Lapsus$’s attacks on Okta, Microsoft, Nvidia and Samsung.

Reuters reports that the suspects are aged between 16 and 21. Among the suspects is Lapsus$’s alleged 16-year-old mastermind. Family members of the young hacker declined to comment.

More companies hacked

More and more is becoming known about the crime group’s modus operandi. Unit 42, the security research arm of Palo Alto Networks, reported on the victims. In addition to Okta, Microsoft, Nvidia and Samsung, Lapsus$ carried out attacks on telecom operators Vodafone UK, Claro and Embratel. Ubisoft and LG were affected as well.

Furthermore, Unit 42 noted that Lapsus$ seems to seek publicity over financial gain. The group doesn’t use ransomware to take down and encrypt networks. Lapsus$ focuses on data theft, specifically the source code of well-known solutions.

Mastermind identified

Unit 42 says it has had Lapsus$ in its sights for some time. According to the researchers, the team managed to identify the so-called ‘mastermind’: a 16-year-old British male. The researchers add that the information was handed to relevant authorities as quickly as possible.