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An attack on ICT service provider The Sourcing Company led to data leaks at nine Dutch housing corporations.

A recent breach at The Sourcing Company has many consequences for housing corporations that purchased services from the ICT service provider. A total of nine Dutch housing corporations have had their tenant data stolen. The latest victim is l’escaut, a corporation based in Zeeland, one of The Netherlands’ provinces.

Access to personal data of tenants

Allegedly, The Sourcing Company was breached by Conti, a criminal group operating from Russia. L’escault announced that its IT systems were temporarily disabled.

Further investigation revealed that the hackers accessed and possibly stored the personal data of tenants. The data involves names, address details, dates of birth, BSN numbers and bank account numbers.


The housing corporation is poorly accessible due to the hack. Not all affected tenants have been informed. L’escault has reported the data breach to the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, the Dutch GDPR authority.

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