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1Password will update its password manager solution with passkeys starting in 2023. Passkeys allow users to log in to websites, apps and services without using a password.

1Password says it wants to give customers a glimpse into the future of password management and promote passwordless logins. The company is prepping a universal single sign-on experience that works the same regardless of the login or authentication method used.


Starting in 2023, the password manager will provide so-called passkeys. The technology was developed by FIDO Alliance, a collaboration of tech companies working on open authentication standards. Passkeys replace traditional passwords with the integrated authentication systems of a device. Think of Apple’s Face ID.

According to FIDO Alliance, the authentication functionality of devices provides more security than passwords. Passwords are more likely to be stolen or unknowingly handed over in phishing attacks.


1Password announced it’s developing a custom implementation of passkeys called Universal Sign On. According to the organization, the implementation is more open than other solutions currently in development.

Apple, for instance, is working on its own implementation of passkeys for macOS and iOS. Similarly, Google is developing a system for Chrome and Android. 1Password’s implementation is expected to work on various operating systems, apps and devices.

The organization launched an interactive demo to demonstrate how passkeys work. Passkey support for browser extensions (currently limited to Chrome) and desktop applications will follow early next year. Mobile support is expected at a later stage.

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