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Foscam NAS storage: A golden combination?

Foscam NAS storage: A golden combination?

Foscam is one of the largest suppliers of security cameras in the Benelux. This is no coincidence. The Foscam cameras have a perfect price/performance ratio. Moreover, the cameras have an excellent build quality so that the lifespan of the outdoor cameras is not affected by our humid climate. All the more reason to take a closer look at the possibilities of Foscam cameras. This time in combination with a NAS.

Some time ago, we already reviewed several Foscam cameras, the Foscam FI9912P and the Foscam R2D, for functionality and image quality. In these areas, the cameras deliver excellent quality, capturing useful images. Almost all new Foscam cameras come with cloud storage and offer the possibility of inserting a microSD card as an extra backup for images.

Not all Foscam cameras come with cloud storage. For some older generations, this is not possible at all. Also, these earlier generations do not always have an SD-card slot for backup purposes. With these cameras, the user is mainly dependent on the Foscam Network Video Recorder, where the images are stored on an internal hard disk. Advantage: Depending on the model, up to nine cameras can be connected to this NVR. Especially in combination with a NAS, a whole new world is opening up for many owners of the previous generations of Foscam IP cameras.

Added value of a NAS

Now, in our previous reviews, we actually paid very little attention to storage options via a NAS. Owners of Foscam IP cameras can use a NAS for virtually unlimited storage capacity, and in most cases no additional subscriptions are required. Moreover, with a good NAS and the right software, the capabilities of an IP camera increase significantly, and the combination of several IP cameras from different providers can also be used.

Many consumers, the self-employed and SMEs already have a compact and functional NAS. The possibility to use the affordable Foscam cameras in combination with a NAS makes these cameras interesting for a much larger group of people. Techzine’s editorial staff has been using the Foscam FI9912P and the Foscam R2D permanently for some time now. A perfect time to explore the storage possibilities of these cameras in combination with a NAS.