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PagerDuty acquires Jeli and ‘will transform incident management’

PagerDuty acquires Jeli and ‘will transform incident management’

PagerDuty signed forms to acquire Jeli. This will integrate the company specialising in incident management into the PagerDuty Operations Cloud.

American PagerDuty is acquiring the start-up Jeli.io. Both companies deal in incident management, allowing Jeli’s solutions to immediately make themselves useful to users of PagerDuty’s SaaS incident response platform. According to the announcement, integration into the PagerDuty Operations Cloud is planned.

One interesting product from Jeli is an automated bot available for the communications platform Slack. The bot serves to handle incidents more easily. Through a few pre-programmed questions, the bot discovers what went wrong and offers insight into possible solutions and learning opportunities for the future. In addition, the bot automatically links the submitter of the incident to the right person to handle the incident.

For now and to optimize the future

According to the incident manager, the Jeli acquisition is of further interest to companies that are not only looking for an acute solution to an incident but also want to optimize. “It offers analytics-driven insights that facilitate a more detailed understanding of incident patterns, enabling efficient resource reallocation and more effective project planning.”

No financial details were released about the acquisition.

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