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Companies that invest in process automation through artificial intelligence and robots make their workplace more humane. This is due to a number of factors, including the removal of boring and automated work. In addition, it would make employees feel more involved with their company.

This is the conclusion of a major study organised by Goldsmiths, University of London and Automation Anywhere, a provider of business software. According to the research, technology that provides automation increases the human experience. It also increases the link between growth and employee engagement, and the company’s performance, according to the survey, is improving.

Big leap forward

This is mainly due to the fact that employees no longer have to carry out repetitive work. This gives them more time for other things and generally makes them happier. At the same time, the happiness of employees is not increasing on its own: according to the study, companies must make a conscious choice to apply automation with the aim of increasing the happiness of employees.

The emerging autonomy of digital technology promises an evolutionary leap in our capacity to grow as human beings, according to Dr. Chris Brauer, who is attached to Goldsmiths at the University of London as Director of Innovation. Technology can serve well to supplement human capacity, and according to Brauer this has great potential.

According to Brauer, there is currently a lot of emphasis in the media on the potential of artificial intelligence. However, the fact that techniques in which machines take over repetitive tasks are becoming more and more common is not given much attention. Worldwide and in every sector, people and robots already work side by side, says Brauer.

Creative freedom

According to the study, the results achieved are large. Companies where robots take over repetitive tasks from people generally perform 28 percent better. In addition, 31 percent better financial performance would be achieved and companies would place 30 percent more emphasis on strategic goals.

According to Mihir Shukla, CEO of Automation Anywhere, the result of automation is comparable to the human body that breathes. This is a complex and critical mechanism, but automated, so that our brains are free to drive the rest of our daily lives. In many companies, I think people can only breathe. But if breathing in companies is automated, employees can focus on so many creative and strategic problems and opportunities.

The results of the research can be seen in full here.

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