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Qualtrics has introduced two new solutions to use machine learning to better understand the customer experience. It also offers new functionality for improving the performance of customer service agents.

According to Qualtrics, companies still struggle to properly understand and map customer experiences. Negative experiences are said to cost 8 percent of total revenue annually. The company is trying to improve customer experience insight for these companies, which is why it is adding two new tools to its XM (Experience Management) software. The solutions are able to collect billions of data points from human and digital interactions and apply machine learning to them to identify the most common sources and motivations for customer frustration and satisfaction.

Customer Journey Optimizer

The first solution is Customer Journey Optimizer. This solution creates a single omnichannel view of complete customer experiences. This is based on observations and data from third-party applications. The tool has hundreds of connectors for this purpose. For example, links to CRM systems, call center automation systems, workflow systems and collaboration tools.

Using ML, administrators can determine the cause of problems and orchestrate solutions. In the latter case, consider deploying pop-up assistants or live agents. When problems arise in interactions between customers and real customer service agents, the solution ensures that the latter group is provided with the entire customer history and details of the incident in question.

Digital Experience Analytics

The second solution introduced is Digital Experience Analytics. This tool collects, analyzes and automates various customer contact actions based on observed digital behavior in interactions. In addition, the tool takes information from various sources, including call center transcripts, social media posts, product reviews and survey responses.

All collected information should help in understanding the key moments that determine customer satisfaction and for automatically triggering actions to prevent customer departures.

Customer Journey Optimizer and Digital Experience Analytics are a part of the Qualtrics Experience iD (XiD) platform. This platform provides a complete overview of all the information customers want to provide about themselves to a company. The information then provides a source for insights into new developments and is also a source for training the underlying ML models.

Frontline Agent Coaching

Furthermore, to support customer contact agents, Qualtrics is introducing the AI-based solution Frontline Agent Coaching. This further extends the vendor’s existing Real-Time Agent Assist technology.

The solution provides capabilities for analyzing telephone calls to search for intent, emotion and intensity. This allows agents to solve problems more directly and effectively. NLP-based feedback also automatically gives agents greater insight into their performance and helps them improve it by automatically linking to coaching programs and learning systems or handing out rewards.

Furthermore, the tool provides automatically generated summaries of each customer session with clear criteria indicating what happened during the conversation. This for easier and faster report formatting.

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