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Slack adds generative AI to simplify collaboration

Slack adds generative AI to simplify collaboration

Slack AI, Workflow Builder and Slack Lists aim to make daily collaboration activities easier.

Slack already offers generative AI solutions with Sales Elevate and Slack GPT, but these are being expanded with the three new introductions. Employees can work more efficiently and be more productive as a result, the thinking goes.

The introduction of Slack AI integrated directly into Slack provides users with generative AI-generated summaries of Slack channels and overviews and search capabilities for Slack’s conversational interface. This is to simplify work and save time.

Also, Slack AI has a new search functionality to find the most important information and get AI-generated summaries about it.

Workflow Builder

The arrival of Workflow Builder helps users more easily make connections between the collaboration tool and applications from other vendors. The aim is to automate work as much as possible. Connectors already exist for Google, Atlassian and Asana.

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The tool also connects to Salesforce Flow, allowing users to customize Slack workflows with Salesforce automations. Furthermore, custom applications can also be built and deployed within Slack workflows.

Slack Lists

The third and final new AI integration involves Slack Lists. This functionality helps users keep track of their own work in the flow of all their communications. By creating their own thread for each project, it becomes easier for teams to see the most important details, Slack claims.

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Slack AI and Slack Lists will be available in a pilot next winter. The general release of Lists is planned for next year. Slack Workflow Builder is now available to paying users of the collaboration tool.

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