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Apple has the software necessary to bring its own search engine to market. There are no concrete plans to release the software, but the antitrust lawsuit in America against Google Search could soon change that.

The iPhone, iPad and iMac all let Apple users perform searches through Google’s search engine. It seems like a logical choice for Apple to switch everything to its own alternative, or is it not as logical as it seems?


Apple’s search engine could serve as a replacement for Google Search on Apple products. The tech giant has no problem installing the software on the iPhone since it runs on the iOS operating system. Android smartphones, meanwhile, are automatically tied to Google Search to get a valid license from Android, according to Microsoft. The Windows maker testified this in the U.S. antitrust case against Goole Search, claiming that is the reason why Microsoft’s Surface Duo devices do not offer Bing by default.

The same lawsuit further reveals why the iPhone still offers Google Search by default despite its iOS operating system. This is because Microsoft would not be able to make a competitive offer versus Google Search to Apple without losing too much of its revenue. Hardware manufacturers get a share of advertising revenue to provide a particular search engine by default on their devices.

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Playing off alternatives against Google

Apple receives much of Google Search’s revenue by regularly playing off Bing’s existence as a possible alternative when Google wants to cede less. With its own search engine, however, the company no longer acquires a percentage of the revenue but the entirety.

Moreover, having its own search technology already generates revenue for Apple without actually offering the technology. That is because it serves as a second threat to Google if it wants to cede less revenue.


Bloomberg knows how this search engine is getting shape. According to the article, John Giannandrea, a former Google employee in charge of ML and AI at Apple, is working on the alternative, which for now is codenamed ‘Pegasus’. Pegasus is a next-generation app search technology from Apple.

Of course, a search technology to find relevant apps from an Apple device is not yet the same as Google Search. The technology would come closer to the functions of a search engine once it integrates with Spotlight. This feature can search the Apple product for relevant settings and applications but combines it with online search results.

Project Pegasus illustrates that Apple has the building blocks for its own search engine in place, but further development will be needed to compete with Google Search. However, this process could soon gain momentum depending on the final verdict in the antitrust case against Google Search. The case could potentially result in the end of the deal made between Apple and Google.