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Workflow automation platform Pegasystems has added an AI coach to the latest version (24.1) of its Pega Infinity platform. The Pega GenAI Coach advises users about their workflows based on best practices in sales, service and operational processes.

Pegy Infinity is a platform for digital process automation (DPA) and customer relationship management (CRM). It also has low-code functionality for building interfaces, defining process logic and data visualization, among other things.

According to the company, the GenAI coach can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows. As a result, it provides real-time analysis and advice on potential workflow bottlenecks and how to avoid these. Managers can also use the tool to gain greater insight into team activities and performance. In short, to control and optimize business processes.

Targeted advice

One of the coach’s core functions is to provide targeted advice based on individual input. For example, in sales optimization, sales managers can input specific industry and practical experiences, which the coach then uses to provide targeted advice that improves the customer experience -and hopefully boosts sales.

Back-office employees can also be treated to personalized instructions generated by the AI coach. According to Pega, this helps them perform tasks more efficiently, as the AI considers legal requirements and specific case information. Regarding health claims (think health insurance companies), the tool provides analysis and summaries and identifies customers’ needs as well as their history. As a result, according to Pegasystems, case workers can respond more quickly to questions and outline a plan of action if follow-up steps are needed.

AI has been present in Pega’s systems for a while

Pegasystems has long offered AI functionality for its systems. For example, in 2021, Process AI was developed for AI-driven decisioning. Last year, it also added twenty generative AI capabilities to Pega Infinity. With these, users could more easily implement decision and workflow automation by asking questions to the generative AI. The AI could then automatically create the appropriate workflows, data models, user interfaces, and sample data for the automated decision models and workflows.

The newly announced coaching feature is the next step and provides proactive input from the AI. Earlier this year, the company also introduced the Pega GenAI Blueprint, a development tool that combines best practices with generative AI to accelerate software design processes.

Pega wants its products to turn companies into autonomous enterprises, i.e. organizations that want to accelerate software development and process optimizations as much as possible and become more autonomous by adding AI and automation to their processes.

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