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McAfee has announced the expansion of its MVSION portfolio with new products. With this portfolio, users can organise their cyber security according to their own criteria when they switch to the cloud. The portfolio is now complemented by McAfee MVISION EDR and McAfee MVISION Cloud.

MVISION was announced in July and already consisted of MVISION ePO, MVISION Endpoint and MVISION Mobile. The new products add full and integrated data protection and prevention capabilities to the portfolio. This enables users to reduce the risk of data loss quickly and easily.


MVISION EDR allows security teams to work faster and with improved precision, so that the team and their skills can be used more efficiently. According to McAfee, companies regularly struggle with information overload when using EDR systems because they ignore huge amounts of data and alerts. These need to be interpreted and researched later on, where skills are needed before any action can be taken.

MVISION EDR wants to solve this problem by implementing human-machine teaming. This allows analysts of all knowledge levels to work more effectively and efficiently. The integration with the ePO management platform enables analysts to identify threats, understand the context, assess the results of automated investigations and take appropriate actions to respond to threats.

The solution uses advanced data analysis to identify and prioritize suspicious behavior within endpoint data. MVISION also automates EDR in-depth research to reduce the pressure on security analysts. A broad integration in the security ecosystem enables a rapid response with an immediate response.

McAfee MVISION Cloud

As information moves more and more from secure, on-premise business networks to the cloud, it becomes difficult for businesses to ensure data protection. McAfee wants to solve this problem with MVISION Cloud, which brings together data protection and prevention for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

The new platform allows companies to deploy cloud services while protecting sensitive data in the cloud from the most advanced threats. The platform provides insight into data, context and user behaviour. This enables visibility and control across all cloud services with a combined API and proxy-enabled approach and a DLP policy that can be extended from devices to the cloud. This includes scanning and logging of content, monitoring of activities and detection of threats and malware.

The platform also provides central management of various cloud services across the SaaS, PaaS and IaaS spectrum, such as Office 365, Salesforce and AWS. Advanced Threat Protection continues to protect data from malware and external and internal threats, through UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics), powered by machine learning and built for the scale and elasticity of cloud environments.

“The new MVISION portfolio of Enterprise products is designed to support our customers with all their security needs, from device to cloud. We do this with a solution that is simple, flexible, complete and fast, so our customers can act decisively to reduce risk,” said Raja Patel, vice president and general manager Corporate Security Products at McAfee.

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