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Today, Microsoft has solved a problem within the Windows Activation service. A problem within that service led to a number of users suddenly moving from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Home. This was done without users receiving a notification.

The first reports about this problem appeared on the Microsoft Community Forums and on Reddit. There, users of Windows 10 Pro reported that they suddenly received a message that their Windows installation was not activated. As a result, users were advised to install Windows 10 Home. In some cases, a device was even completely reset to Windows 10 Home, without any notification being given.

Widespread problem

The problem seemed to be widespread on several versions of Windows 10. Beta releases from Windows Insiders and non-updated systems had to deal with the problems. In almost all cases, the affected user had received his or her license through a free upgrade previously offered by Microsoft.

The Microsoft helpdesk did not seem to be aware of the problems. According to ZDNet, some users were told to buy a new license, or to consider buying a new product key. Others were told to wait until the problem was solved by itself.

Problem solved

After some confusion, one of Microsoft’s helpdesk staff reported a problem with the activation server. Some users may be experiencing this problem, indicating that Windows is not activated. Our technicians work around the clock to solve this problem and we expect a solution within one or two working days.

In the meantime, the problem has been solved. A Microsoft spokesman reported the following to ZDNet:

A limited number of customers had to deal with an activation problem that was solved by our technicians. Customers with the problem will notice within 24 hours that it has been solved, because the solution is automatic. Meanwhile, customers can continue to use Wnidows 10 Pro.

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