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SAP has rolled out ten new solutions that combine experience data (X-data) with operational data (O-data). The solutions must measure and improve the four core experiences of companies – customers, employees, product and brand. SAP calls this Experience Management (XM).

The combination enables SAP organizations to constantly listen to the beliefs, emotions and intentions of customers, employees, suppliers, partners and other shareholders. The new solutions process X data directly into the applications of an enterprise, for example in the CRM, ERP or HCM systems.

The new solutions provide organizations with an end-to-end XM platform that uses X-data and O-data. It allows organizations to centralize X data from customers, employees, and other shareholders at any key point in a single system for the entire enterprise. This should make it easier for organisations to listen.

It is also possible to connect X data to a company’s operations and processes, to understand why something is happening, to spot hidden trends and to automatically make recommendations to correct what doesn’t work and to increase what does work. Finally, companies can act faster, allowing customers to stay longer, buy more and share everything with friends. Employees also deliver more and build a positive culture and stand up for their brand.


As mentioned above, SAP has rolled out ten solutions for this: four for customer experiences (CX), three for employee experiences and three for market research. For customer experiences, Experience Management was introduced in the C/4HANA suite, which provides powerful cloud solutions for sales, marketing, commerce and service experience management.

The whole provides an end-to-end customer experience platform in the industry. This enables organisations to listen, understand and respond to insights. These insights must guide purchasing decisions, as well as a customer’s loyalty.

For employee experiences, SAP has unveiled three Experience Management solutions to convert existing HR platforms into systems of action for the entire enterprise. The solutions are built directly into existing HR systems and collect X data from employees throughout the employee lifecycle. It also enables HR leaders and managers to understand and respond to insights that attract and retain a good work team.

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