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Facebook comes up with some new tools for business Messenger users. This includes a tool that automates parts of conversations and a function for integrating business calendars in Messenger.

The automation tool is called Lead Generation, because the start of conversations is automated. Employees can then take over the call seamlessly. It can also integrate with CRM solutions that are already in use, so that there is no need to change platforms unnecessarily. This function will be available at the end of this week.

There is also a new function for making appointments via Messenger, by integrating the company agenda. Messenger messages can thus be converted to in-house appointments, allowing customers to make appointments directly via Messenger. This function will be rolled out later this year for general availability. There will also be a function for companies to more easily measure and report conversion from Messenger conversations. This function will also be available later this year.

A third change is that the Discover section of Messenger will eventually disappear. Facebook wants to put more emphasis on external ways to connect customers with Messenger, instead of doing so in the app itself. These external ways include the use of plugins on websites and m.me-links, but also connections in other Facebook apps.

Updated policy

In addition to the new tools, there will be a number of policy updates. These should make conversations between companies and customers more personalized and relevant. The time frame for responding to customers is reduced to 24 hours, which Facebook wants to use to motivate companies to respond more quickly to customer enquiries. In addition, there will be standard messages with which companies can contact customers outside of this time frame. Sponsored messages can also be sent to people who already have an open conversation with a company. Then there is the subscription messaging function, the availability of which is reduced to certain news services. This is because some companies used this function in a way that was undesirable for customers.

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