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VMware has announced a number of updates to Workspace One, the company’s digital workspace platform. The updates are designed to improve employee engagement and productivity while maintaining a high level of security. With the updates, Workspace One also provides opportunities for new employees to securely access company assets.

“For too long, enterprise security and digital employee experience have been pitted against one another,” Shankar Iyer, SVP and GM of End User Computing for VMware, said in a statement. “There is a common misconception that when efforts are made to strengthen one area, the other must ultimately suffer. This simply is not true.” 

VMware announced some features aimed at improving a new employee’s experience when they join a company. Using the platform’s Intelligent Hub, new employees can securely access useful resources for their first day at work, such as company directories, the intranet and employee benefits information. They will also be able to choose certain technologies to be delivered to them, writes ZDNet.

Identity verification and increased transparency

Employees using Workspace One will also gain greater clarity on how their devices and apps are managed with the new Privacy Guard feature in Intelligent Hub. Employees can learn more about the data that IT departments collect from their devices and apps, and they can gain insight into the permissions requested by an application. Employees will be alerted when the IT department has changed their app or device management policies.

VMware also announced integrations between the Workspace One Intelligent Hub and HID Global, a company that produces secure identity products. The Intelligent Hub will provide a Passport feature, that allows employees to use the app on their personal or business device, to access buildings. The feature will immediately verify an employee’s identity and access rights.