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Salesforce has implemented four new solutions for its Commerce Cloud solution at breakneck speed. These solutions should help customers to be able to sell their products and services without any problems in the current corona crisis.

To combat the current crisis, Salesforce has created four solutions for the Commerce Cloud, to enable companies, such as shops and restaurants, to set up and deploy an online sales system quickly. Especially if they have never been active online before.

According to Salesforce, these four solutions were developed in a very short period of time to help customers make a swift transition to online sales. Initially, Salesforce Commerce Cloud offered many best practices, but customers wanted more. Resulting in these four packages. This means that shops and restaurants can switch to full online sales in just a few weeks instead of months.

Four services

Quick Start Commerce for D2C Consumer and Essential Goods make it possible to set-up a working website in no time. Quick Start Commerce for Grocery and Food Service aims to help restaurants and small grocery stores set up online food sales systems. The Quick Start Commerce for B2B service helps companies set up business-to-business (B2B) sales websites.

Finally, Quick Start Commerce for Buy Online and Curbside Pickup should help non-food stores quickly move their in-store inventory online, as well as arranging pick up points on the street-side. All solutions include payment, shipping and order management applications. These applications are provided by Salesforce partners.

Support from service integrators

The Quick Start solutions will be fully managed by the service integrator partners of Salesforce Commerce Cloud in the first three months, but customers can choose to manage the entire environment themselves.

The services have already had a quick beta test among end-users, but the services are not quite perfect yet. According to the vendor, getting the services out now is more important than perfection. Salesforce Commerce Cloud does expect to perfect the four solutions over time.