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Infor has made some major announcements in the last few days. Its Global Human Resources suite now comes with a new payroll module. In addition to this, the company has also introduced contactless applications mainly designed for users in the hospitality industry.

Payroll Module

Infor Payroll offers a variety of in-house processing tools designed to make it easy to manage back-end payroll processes including garnishments and employment tax filing. 

According to the company, the tool is ‘flexible’ so that employers can “enable the desired balance of operational control.”

It is both a part of Infor’s CloudSuites and an add-on module for the Global HR system. 

The company aims to provide an integrated, single solution that offers a consistent experience. 

Matthew Bragstad, vice president of HCM strategy and product management, said:

“Infor is able to provide customers with a strong foundation for payroll processing, across a multitude of industries, based off a product that has been in use for decades, but has now been rewritten on a modern multi-tenant architecture.” 

Infor Contactless Operations

Infor Hospitality Cloud Solutions are specifically designed for the hospitality industry keeping the current situation in mind.

Users are opting for contactless processes due to social distancing measures. The latest tool allows guests to order room service from using their own device, use digital keys to access rooms, and check-in through mobile devices.

The product is suitable for casinos, gaming businesses, hotels, resorts, food sales, restaurants, table reservations, and event sales.

It reduces the risk by removing the need to have any physical contact between hotel employees and guests. This is a very important factor in the current scenario as it protects not just the guests but the employees as well. 

“The customer perspective and employee perspective go hand-in-hand,” said the HR director for a New Jersey based resort. 

“If they’re comfortable and they feel like you’ve taken all of the measures to make sure that they’re going to be able to do their job safely, that’s going to translate to a sense of security and safety for our guests, as well.”

Many other companies have launched similar initiatives in the last few weeks including Siemens and Salesforce. It’s believed that these tools will be helpful even when things have fallen back into place.