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Windows remains the top desktop option for most users. However, more popular computer OEMs are making Linux desktops available in a broader way than previous years. Lenovo, which stands out as the top PC vendor in the world right now, is rolling out Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS across 30 Lenovo ThinkPads and ThinkStations.

Even though the company only recently started certifying most of its laptops and PCs on the top Linux distributions, this move is a more significant step than previous efforts.

Instead of just acknowledging that the equipment they make is guaranteed to run Linux, Lenovo is outright selling Ubuntu Linux-powered hardware to the consumers.

Linux for all

Previously, the only way to get these machines would be if you were a business, and you specified that you wanted Ubuntu on a custom-built machine. Lenovo will make nearly 30 Ubuntu-loaded machines that will be available for purchase on the company’s website.

They will include models like the ThinkPad P Series Workstations, 13 ThinkStation and 14 ThinkPad T, X, X1, and L series laptops. They will all be running the 20.04 LTS version of Ubuntu. The exception here is the L series, which will ship out with the 18.04 LTS. 

A step forward for Canonical and Lenovo

The VP of PCSD software and cloud at Lenovo, Igor Bergman, said that the company’s vision is to enable smarter tech for all and mean it. He added that their device certification in June this year was a good step, but more efforts were needed.

Both Ubuntu’s parent company (Canonical) and Lenovo see this new line of machines as the ideal solution for programmers, developers, AI, and machine learning professionals. Ordinary users who want a professional-grade and secure OS will benefit too.