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Salesforce’s first integration with Slack is now available across its clouds and on Customer 360. The effort aims to augment hybrid work while resolving customer queries and closing sales rapidly.

Like its Tableau and MuleSoft acquisition, Slack is leveraged as a tool that stands alone as an app and still has its capabilities tied into the Salesforce Stack.

Salesforce is launching Slack-First Customer 360, which enterprises can use for collaboration and streamlining workflows with one view of the customer. The company is also using Slack to automate routine business processes.

The Slack-first approach

The Slack deal was announced on December 1, bringing speculation that the CRM giant was looking to expand its footprint into workflows and collaboration to an end.

IBM and Sonos are reference customers for the Slack-first approach, with companies like Vidyard, Gainsight, and DocuSign will also have apps that provide Slack as a front end to processes. Salesforce integrators Deloitte, IBM, and Accenture will be among the partners certifying consultants on Slack-Salesforce deployments.

Salesforce President and COO Bret Taylor and Slack CEO Steward Butterfield outlined the integrations at an event on August 17, 1 pm ET.

The integrations

Among the key integrations, we have:

  • Salesforce and Slack are launching account and deal rooms within Slack so sales teams can collaborate around a deal cycle or customer. Files, conversations, and data are all in one place to help close deals.
  • Automated daily briefs in Slack will help salespeople focus on personal tasks, prioritize deals and hold meetings.
  • Within customer service, teams have instant data access. Swarming is a feature too, used to work on complex or priority cases. Expert Finder is included to find experts to add to the swarm channel.

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