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Adobe Developer App Builder, a toolkit for developing custom apps for and with Adobe Experience Manager, has been available exclusively for Adobe’s enterprise clients since 2020, under the name of “Project Firefly”. Today, Adobe announces that the latter is changing as of December 2021. In that period, the graphics giant will launch an Adobe Developer App Builder version for every customer left out so far.

In December 2021, the Adobe Developer App Builder will be made available to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) users, enterprise or not.

AEM, a relatively new Content Management Solution (CMS), was launched in 2019, aiming to provide all the tools required for developing good-looking, fast-acting and durable websites, media assets, apps and web forms.

The Adobe Developer App Builder will initially be introduced as an enhancement to AEM. While we know that the solution will become usable through Adobe Commerce and Adobe Sign at a later stage, a specific release date or period is unknown at the time of writing.


For Adobe’s non-enterprise customers, API links are the most common basis for integrating AEM and other vendors’ applications. That statement becomes dated as of December 2021: the more accessible launch of the Adobe Developer App Builder will, among other things, allow every AEM customer to use Adobe’s SDKs to develop custom applications for and with AEM.

Adobe’s SDKs can accelerate the development of AEM and links between AEM and other applications. According to Adobe, the latter enables organizations to rapidly create proprietary features (such as custom website plugins) and more effectively tie together components of AEM and other vendors’ backends (or vice versa).