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Workday launches Workday Everywhere, a series of integrations of Workday Human Capital Management features and reports in commonly used third-party software.

Workday is big. According to the organization, 55 million end users use the platform worldwide. Their goals vary: Workday’s software covers the fields of analytics, financial management, human capital management (HCM), payroll management and more.

As of October 19, the newly introduced Workday Everywhere is available free of charge for existing and new users of Workday’s Human Capital Management software.

Workday Everywhere primarily serves to make existing features of Workday’s Human Capital Management functional in third-party software. Pre-built connections with Microsoft Teams and Slack previously saw the light of day. Workday Everywhere can be considered a follow-up, aiming to integrate Human Capital Management into a broader range of widely used collaboration tools, intranets and employee experience platforms such as Microsoft Viva.

Not a PaaS after all

The introduction hints at a pattern. The primary Workday platform of 2021 consists of software developed by Workday or its acquired organizations. Third-party extensions are available, but nowhere near the scale with which a company like Salesforce opens itself up through Force.com.

Force.com is a textbook example of PaaS. And although co-CEO Aneel Bhusri proclaimed that Workday, too, would transform from an application suite to PaaS company before 2018, the organization backtracked on said intentions in 2020.

Workday remains a suite — and Workday likes to keep to itself. The new Workday Everywhere, which primarily revolves around the self-curated integration of Workday and third-party software, substantiates that statement like no other.


At the time of writing, Workday Everywhere is available through Workday for Slack and Workday for Microsoft Teams. As mentioned above, usage is free for all Workday Human Capital Management customers.

In addition to integrations into a wider range of third-party tools, the launch introduces ML technology, which — according to the organization — intelligently provides users with information that matters. To illustrate, Workday mentions a function that automatically notifies employees who have not taken a day off in several months, thus stimulating well-being.

A spokesperson adds that further integrations with Microsoft Viva Connections will become available later this year.