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Rubrik introduces Rubrik Cloud Vault. The ‘air-gapped’ security service allows organizations to store business-critical data at an isolated location.

The location is inaccessible to regular environments. Ransomware attackers have no way to reach the data inside. Therefore, data remains usable for restoring systems and data, even when other parts of an environment have been hit.

The latter is becoming more important by the year. Backups have traditionally been the last line of defence against ransomware. Resultingly, attackers strongly focus on destroying the line of defence. A professional hacking group that succeeds in infiltrating a network has one priority: finding and disabling the backups.

Solutions like Rubrik Cloud Vault shake things up to level the playing field. The experience of a hacking group with dozens of successful backup attacks under its belt becomes reprehensible when a backup environment looks completely different — or no longer exists, as made possible by Rubrik Cloud Vault.

The solution was built on Microsoft Azure. Data can be stored in an inaccessible vault. Rubrik describes the design as ‘air-gapped’. Ransomware cannot infect an environment that’s out of sight and reach. Only users verified with multi-factor authentication can access the vault.

Where and when

Dan Rogers, President of Rubrik, emphasizes that Rubrik Cloud Vault combines Rubrik’s Zero Trust Security platform with Azure Blob Storage. As such, the introduction is primarily of interest to organizations with environments in Azure. Rubrik Cloud Vault will appear on the Azure Marketplace sometime in the coming months.

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