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Abobe recently introduced a special portfolio of Adobe Experience cloud tools that allow retailers to offer customers a personalized shopping experience.

Adobe wants to offer stores features to serve their customers with the latest online and offline shopping trends. This includes alternative payment options such as Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL), online shopping and click-and-collect. Ultimately, shops should be able to combine the experience of online and physical shopping. For this purpose, Adobe launched a number of new tools within Adobe Experience Cloud.

Adobe Target

First, Adobe Target makes it possible to personalize shopping experiences, combine online and offline customer interaction, and analyze relevant data with the Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP).

The goal is to provide retailers with a complete picture of their customers. Furthermore, retailers can recommend products and personalize discounts based on recent purchases.

Payment Services for Adobe Commerce

Second, Payment Services for Adobe Commerce allows retailers to offer customers alternative payment options. Think of debit card, credit card and PayPal support.

Adobe Journey Optimiser

Third, the newly introduced Adobe Journey Optimiser allows retailers to send mobile messages through the Adobe Experience Platform. This allows them to create real-time interaction with customers via push messages or SMS.

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