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Google’s revamped Contact Center AI Platform integrates better with CRMs

Google’s revamped Contact Center AI Platform integrates better with CRMs

Google is revamping its contact center AI platform that can be connected with CRM platforms.

Google Cloud announced today that it is combining its Contact Center AI suite of capabilities into a single, unique service that can seamlessly connect with most CRM platforms.

Yariv Adan, head of product management for CCAI, specially built the all-new Contact Center AI Platform for native CRM integration.

Adan claims that by doing so, Google is enabling businesses to provide more tailored experiences that are in line with their brand, whether through a human or virtual agent.

“From managing data fragmentation to replacing strict customer experience flows with more engaging, tailored, and flexible help, the Contact Center AI Platform addresses several long-standing pain areas,” Adan stated.

Benefits of the enhanced Contact Center AI Platform

Companies that combine the Contact Center AI Platform with their CRM platforms, for example, will easily be able to choreograph client journeys by providing a more uniform and modern customer service experience across all channels.

They’ll also have the ability to use their CRM as a singular source of information on customer experiences, allowing them to personalize and automate processes.

According to Google, companies will also be able to predict better consumer demands and route calls based on real-time interactions and historic CRM data.

Along with today’s announcement, Google said it is expanding its cooperation with Salesforce.com Inc., allowing users to combine Contact Center AI Platform with Service Cloud Voice.

According to Google, this will allow organizations better view their customers in a single workspace and technologies like native agent call controls, real-time call transcription real-time AI intelligence,.

“Salesforce’s Service Cloud Voice combined with Google’s contact center will empower agents with a seamless experience to help them impress consumers,” said Ryan Nichols, senior vice president and general manager of Salesforce Service Cloud’s Contact Center.

Google’s take on combining Contact Center AI Platform with CRMS

Google claims that its tactic of combining Contact Center AI with CRMs has been significant for businesses and early adopters, including its Fitbit smartwatch subsidiary.

With a mobile-first approach, Fitbit relies on Google Cloud and UJET to assist our consumers,” said Cassandra Johnson, Google’s vice president of devices and services customer care. They were also able to update their entire customer support experience thanks to this collaboration and a solid salesforce integration.