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Google added new functionality to its video conferencing, collaboration and telephony solutions

Video conferencing platform Google Meet received the most significant updates. Integrations of Meet, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides allow participants to view documents, spreadsheets and slides from a single tab. Furthermore, when minimizing the conference to do other work during a meeting, you’ll be able to see up to four participants in a picture-in-picture screen.

Google Meet now automatically reduces background noise for hardware applications from Logitech, Acer and ASUSTek Computer.

Furthermore, live stream meetings can now host up to 500 participants and an audience of 100,000. Client-side encryption was added to achieve full end-to-end encryption. Users gained direct control over their encryption keys and identity provider.

Google Spaces

Google Spaces, a collaboration tool and successor to Google Chat, now allows users to add comments to threads. Furthermore, chat participants can be invited through a link.

Later this year, Google is adding search functionality that allows users to find new chats and topics in corporate environments. Additionally, the maximum number of participants in chats will be increased from 8,000 to 25,000.

Google Voice

Google Voice, in turn, is expanding to Europe. Mobile and landline numbers became a standard component of Google Voice licenses.

Tip: Google Meet now shows bandwidth consumption of conferences