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Cloud contact center solution Amazon Connect recently received a major update.

Amazon Connect allows companies to contact and answer customers in multiple channels. The latest update speeds up the workflow of customer service agents.

Amazon Connect Cases

Amazon Connect Cases, one of the new features, allows agents to track customer cases, collaborate with other departments and thereby resolve issues. Whereas agents previously had to navigate various applications for long-term follow-ups, the tool now presents all further actions in a single environment.

The tool automatically creates a case when a customer calls for the first time. It proceeds to track all related calls, chats and tasks within the case, allowing agents to instantly view all relevant information.

Chatbots can access this information as well. If a customer requires human assistance, he or she is automatically connected to an appropriate agent. The agent has direct access to case information, which should cut back waiting and resolution times.

Outbound Campaigns

The new Amazon Connect Outbound Campaigns helps companies acquire new customers. The service allows users to automate, schedule and send messages to large amounts of contacts and individual channels, also known as mass outbound communications. Companies can work directly from their contact center environment, without the use of third-party apps.

In addition, this tool makes it possible to automatically call customers from contact lists and connect them to agents. Using machine learning, the tool recognizes whether the customer is answering in person or via voicemail. Agents are only connected to available customers, which increases call efficiency.

Chatbot Designer

Furthermore, Amazon Lex Automated Chatbot Designer is now generally available within Amazon Connect. This tool helps companies design chatbots trained on their own scripts. According to AWS, the tool speeds up the training process from several weeks to hours.

To start, developers add their own scripts to the tool. The tool proceeds to convert the code into a draft version of the final chatbot. This draft can be adapted to general intents and relevant questions. Finally, the chatbot can be trained to solve specific customer problems.

The latest version of Amazon Connect is available immediately.

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