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Thousands of users are experiencing problems with Outlook and Exchange Online. Microsoft confirmed the outage on Twitter. The tech giant is researching the cause.

DownDetector received thousands of reports from Outlook.com and Exchange Online users being unable to log in or send emails over the past 24 hours. Microsoft confirmed the problem on Twitter, but the true scale remains unclear.

“We’re investigating an issue with users accessing or experiencing degraded functionality when using Exchange Online and http://outlook.com services”, Microsoft said. “We are reviewing diagnostic logs to understand why.”

“We suspect there may be unexpected network drops”, the tech giant added in an update. Microsoft says administrators can find more details under file numbers EX401967 and OL401977 in the admin center.

Update: The issue was resolved according to Microsoft. “We identified a section of our network infrastructure that was performing below acceptable thresholds”, the company said on Twitter. “We’ve rerouted connections to alternate infrastructure and that confirmed the issue is resolved.”


This is the second Exchange Online issue in one month’s time. On June 21, an outage caused problems for users of Exchange Online, Teams, SharePoint, Graph API and Universal Print. Some couldn’t send emails. Others failed to access Microsoft 365 at all.

Most users regained access the same day. The issue was fully resolved on 22 June. There’s no reason to believe the current outage will last longer. Microsoft promises ongoing updates. We’ll update this article as soon as we know more.

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