Commvault takes over software-defined storage start-up Hedvig

Commvault takes over software-defined storage start-up Hedvig

Commvault has announced that it will acquire Hedvig, a software-defined storage start-up, for $225 million (€203 million). Hedvig sells a software platform that allows administrators to manage different types of data storage infrastructure through a centralized console.

Commvault states that the massive switch to cloud and multicloud environments leads to an increasing fragmentation of data. This puts considerable pressure on business results, but also poses challenges in terms of governance, security and management.


Hedvig’s platform should help with that. The startup was founded in 2012 by Avinash Lakshman, inventor of Apache Cassandra and one of the inventors of Amazon Dynamo. Hedvig’s platform addresses data sovereignty issues and claims to be able to make optimal use of hybrid and multi-client environments.

“Because the Hedvig platform is entirely software-based, it can encompass multiple data centers in multiple physical regions and different cloud environments,” said Lakshman. The software also works with on-premises hardware, cloud deployments and hybrid environments.

The platform allows IT teams to centrally allocate application storage capacity and manage the data in that storage,” writes SiliconAngle. It is possible for administrators to backup records, copy them from one application to another, apply encryption and perform related tasks.


With the acquisition of Hedvig, Commvault will have a larger presence in the software-defined storage segment. This segment has a presence of no less than 2.7 billion dollars.

“We believe that the convergence of storage, multicold and cloud-native technologies, combined with our leadership in data management, will accelerate the move towards modern applications based on containers and microservices, says Commvault CEO Sanjay Mirchandai.

The takeover is the first since Mirchandai came on board in February. Mirchandai replaced Bob Hammer, who quit after a restructuring. Hammer was at the helm of Commvault for 20 years.

The acquisition of Hedvig is expected to be completed in the third fiscal quarter.