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Veeam announces the availability of Availability Suite v10, adding more than 150 new features. The new release should further support the company’s Cloud Data Management message.

Veeam announced version 10 in 2017, promising a release in the same year. In the meantime, new features did appear, but the company did not yet see sufficient reason to come up with a complete release. According to its own words, it wanted to roll out a version that is 100 percent finished and works. In the meantime, version 10 has become a major release.


For example, a number of new features focus on enhanced capabilities for protecting large amounts of NAS data. Data backup and recovery should be simplified in this version, for example, by allowing users to quickly select restore points.

In addition, version 10 comes with the next-generation instant recovery engine, which supports multi-VM instant recovery in disaster recovery. This category includes several product innovations, such as new features with the hypervisor Nutanix AHV.

Another promise Veeam makes is simplified off-site backups and very strong protection against ransomware and insider threats. Version 10 comes with new S3 object storage integrations. Updated features include updated plug-ins for Oracle RMAN and SAP HANA.

Ultimately, Veeam also wants its software to function in a wider ecosystem. In addition to new possibilities for Oracle, SAP and Nutanix AHV, this will result in new options for Linux, PostgresSQL and MySQL, for example.

Veeam Availability Suite v10 is available immediately and is one of the largest releases the company has released to date.

Basis for next phase?

Version 10 is an important version in the new phase in which Veeam finds itself. The first phase it went through described the company to us earlier as act 1; the period in which the focus was on the possibilities of visualisation. Act 2 is more about the hybrid cloud.