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Adobe has introduced five new AI services powered by their AI engine Sensei. The services are designed to help companies use AI to predict data sets. The new services are Customer AI, Attribution AI, Journey AI, Content and Commerce AI and Leads AI.

Adobe announced a set of five new AI services for Experience Cloud powered by Sensei. The services are designed to help companies use AI for predictive modelling of data sets, giving them insight into issues such as churn, customer fatigue, and the impact of marketing campaigns.

The Customer AI service is designed to provide businesses with insight into customer actions, such as shopping cart abandonment. With Customer AI, companies can analyse historical and real-time signals of customer behaviour, and Attribution AI is designed to give marketers a way to measure the effectiveness of campaigns. Both Customer and Attribution AI services are now publicly available.


Meanwhile, Journey AI is designed to help brands predict the best time, frequency and channel to avoid customer fatigue. The Content and Commerce AI service is designed to help marketers choose variables – such as specific colours or topics – that are most likely to result in good results. The Leads AI service is aimed at B2B marketers and is designed to provide insight into which leads are most likely to become real opportunities. These three services are still in the beta phase.

“The intelligent services will also help boost other services currently available on Adobe’s Experience Platform,” said Adobe. “The underlying AI and ML technology will enhance specific offerings, including Offer Management (which determines the best frequency and timing for promotions); Customer Journey Analytics (a Photoshop-inspired cross-channel data analysis tool); and Real-time CDP (a unified and consistent profile, to encourage one-to-one personalisation on each channel).