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A Dutch LED company wants to offer office workers the benefits of sunlight. The solution is based on near-infrared light that can be placed in laptop screens or monitors.

During Mobile World Congress, Seaborough is showing a way to integrate health benefits in laptops. It involves LED lighting that emits artificial sunlight.

Dutch development

Trials around this technology have already shown that test subjects feel happier and have more energy. This research was conducted in cooperation with the University of Groningen. Seaborough itself is also a Dutch company based in Amsterdam.

In the laptop

The company wants to incorporate the solution, called SunLED, into laptop screens or monitors. It is also developing a product that can be placed over the screen. A photo from TechCrunch reveals that the product attaches like an external webcam on top of the screen. The design is oval and also resembles a webcam. The product incorporates three visible LEDs.

The solutions work on the basis of near-infrared, which generates artificial sunlight. This form of lighting generates almost no heat, and the SunLED is a one-size-fits-all solution. Seaborough offers different ways to integrate this alternative form of light in the office.

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