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Users report connection and charging issues with iPhone XS and XS Max

Users report connection and charging issues with iPhone XS and XS Max

The iPhone XS and XS Max are the new top devices from Apple. But in some cases they are already affected by problems. It turns out that the devices do not always charge well and quickly and there are other problems.

The problem does not affect all devices. It seems, as business magazine Forbes writes, that a large number of devices have to do with the problems. It’s supposed to be a problem charging through the Lightning input. Some devices only charge when the screen is on and others don’t charge at all until they are reset.

Sensor problems?

The problem seems to have something to do with the algorithm that has to detect if the Lightning input is connecting. This is especially not good when the screen is off and the phone is in sleep mode. It is probably a problem that can be solved by software, but it is also possible that it is a hardware problem. The final solution will have to come from Apple, but it doesn’t seem to be the only problem.

It seems that users also have to deal with problems with wifi and data connections. The quality of telephone calls would be disappointing, and data rates would also not be as fast as possible. Testers report that they took their SIM card from their iPhone 8 or iPhone X and use it with the iPhone XS and XS Max. Then they would have discovered that the data rates are lower on the new aircraft.

What exactly that has to do with is the question. Perhaps it has something to do with the changed configuration of the devices. For example, Apple has built in new Intel modems, as well as new amplifiers and antennas. This could affect the networks to which the devices are connected.

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