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Mozilla has announced that it has entered into a partnership with ProtonVPN. In doing so, it hopes to generate income from other sources as well. A select group of Firefox browser users will be able to purchase a version of ProtonVPN for ten dollars a month. This way they support both Firefox and Mozilla.

That’s what the company announces today. As of October 25th, Mozilla will offer an advertisement to a select group of Firefox users. If they click on it, they can purchase a monthly subscription to ProtonVPN. For the time being, only users in the United States are eligible for the trial.

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Firefox users who have desktop version 62 installed on a Windows laptop, MacBook or Linux device are eligible for the trial. The experiment takes place for a short period of time and Mozilla wants to judge whether it was a success on the basis of this. If it does, the trial will be extended to other countries.

The advertisement is shown in the top right of the screen as a kind of pop-up. Users can indicate that they never want to see the advertisement again, or choose to get more information. That looks like this:

When users click on it, they are redirected to a secure page, where they can take out a monthly subscription. Payments are made via Stripe and Recurly. Part of the proceeds will go to ProtonVPN, which will then have to cover the costs. The rest keeps Mozilla and is put into the development of Firefox.

In a blog, ProtonVPN reports that Mozilla processes the subscriptions, but that users who take them out through the company get exactly the same software and benefits as when they take out a ProtonVPN Plus subscription. Users who purchase it through Mozillas site, get the moral satisfaction that they help keep Firefox alive.

It is an experiment for both companies in which they are looking for a new way to keep internet users safe and at the same time ensure that open source and non-profit software can continue to exist. However, if the trial is successful and rolled out to 300 million Firefox users, ProtonVPN could potentially make a lot of money out of it.

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