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Panasonic launches in collaboration with digital service provider Econocom Toughbook-as-a-Service (TaaS). The service makes it possible to purchase robust tablets, handhelds and notebooks for a fixed monthly fee. The new service makes manufacturer’s Toughbooks and Toughpads more accessible and affordable for more businesses.

TaaS is an end-to-end subscription whereby companies pay for their Toughbooks or Toughpads in monthly hard disks for a period of three years. Whether a company buys the hardware immediately or buys it as a subscription, the price remains the same. With the subscription formula, however, the initial cost is lower and the investment can be spread.

According to the technology group, a TaaS subscription also offers a three-year (extendable) warranty, helpdesk support and other services. For example, the collection, recycling and erasure of data at the end of the device’s useful life. Peripherals such as vehicle mounts, docking stations, software applications and accessories can also be added to the subscription free of charge.

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For organisations that want to go a step further, for example by upgrading the technology of the devices, there is the possibility to personalize the subscription. They can then make use of a trade-in programme, among other things. In addition, TaaS offers the possibility of bundling airtime, MDM and data analysis.

We notice that this particular range of Panasonic solutions is incredibly popular with both mobile employees and the employer. The subscription models are a way for companies to purchase the necessary technological assets, without major one-off investments. It also gives companies great flexibility in updating and renewing their assets, according to Filip Ceulemans, Managing Director of Technology Management and Financing Econocom Belux.

Last summer Techzine visited the Panasonic site where several Toughbooks are being assembled and where they are being repaired. The visit also answered the question why rugged hardware is more expensive.

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