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In addition to a host of new services and a fully refreshed laptop portfolio, Dell EMC at Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas also announces several innovations in its infrastructure portfolio.

At the Dell Technologies World conference, Dell EMC first launched a number of new services including a new device-as-a-service offering and a management portal for laptops and desktops. The company then launched a major update for its entire business laptop portfolio. The infrastructure market was not spared either. Among other things, the storage segment was equipped with new hardware, but there were also innovations in data protection and machine learning.


Dell EMC expands its storage portfolio with the Isilon H5600. That 4U storage server or scale-out NAS, as the company searches for things itself, should bring improvements in network throughput and memory capacity. The H5600 is one of Dell’s hybrid solutions, so it can handle HDDs and SSDs for caching. Dell focuses the product on customers looking for a mix of capacity and performance. In addition, the server specialist is rolling out version 8.2 of the OneFS software that runs the Isilion series.

The all-NVMe flash PowerMax servers will also be upgraded. The performance animals are equipped with the brand new Optane Persistent Memory from Intel. That should halve the latency of Dell’s planes.

In the mid-range segment, Dell launches the Unity XT. This is a 2U server that works both with all-flash storage and in a hybrid configuration. Support for VMware Virtual Volumes is ingrained. The devices are powered by a dual socket Intel Xeon solution. The new Unity XTs would have 50 percent more storage density than previous generations, support 50 percent more virtual machines, and respond up to 75 times faster. Dell EMC is also proud of its user-friendliness. Installation and configuration together would take less than half an hour.

Data protection

In terms of data protection, Dell announces that it will soon be releasing a brand new platform: the PowerProtect software platform. It was intended to replicate important data, including vSphere environments. The software appears on the market together with a new piece of hardware: the PowerProtect X400. This 2U server is again available as a hybrid and all-flash solution, and has AI for load balancing on board. Both of them would be launched in you.

The DP4400 data protection server will also have a smaller version with the introduction of an entry capacity of 8 to 25 TB. Dell wants to bring the portfolio to the SME. The hardware will be released in May.

Calculation power

On the side of high end computing servers, Dell EMC introduces a new VxFlex(2U) to complement the VxFlex rack. Cpus from the Intel Xeon Scalable range drives the product. Finally, Dell launches the DSS 8440. That is a powerful 4U server created for machine learning purposes. It has two Xeon Scalable chips on board, can hold up to 10 NVMe and SAS drives, and can hold up to ten Nvidia Tesla V100 Tensor Core machine learning chips.

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