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At the end of last week, Google blocked the latest Chrome OS update due to various problems. After a few days of tinkering, the problems should be gone.

Normally, Google launches Chrome first, and then releases Chrome OS two weeks later. This cycle was already interrupted with Chrome OS 75 by a later availability of the operating system.

After a later delivery, problems arose such as systems that suddenly freeze. Other complaints included a faltering internet connection and problems with icons that suddenly disappear from the screen.

Yesterday evening the update was initially made available again for Google’s own Pixelbook with the necessary fixes. After a night of simmering, the search giant has now made the update available for every Chromebook on the market.

New features

Chrome OS 75 includes support for remote cloud services alongside Google Drive and a child-friendly Google Assistant for child accounts. Via Linux (in beta), Chromebooks now recognize Android devices over USB and it is now possible to set up a pincode for native printers within managed devices.

It is always a good idea to wait a few days when a new update is available. There can always be teething problems that will be addressed in later versions. Anyone who installs a bad update in the future can conveniently roll back to a previous version.

Chrome OS 74 rolled out at the beginning of May, including better PDF support and the Google Assistant. The latter was merged with the search function in Chrome OS. Google also provides some smaller improvements such as support for external cameras, connected via USB. Think of webcams or document cameras. From now on, you can also download files directly to a folder of your choice in the My Files files-root, where you used to be limited to the download folder. Linux applications running on Chrome OS will have audio support.

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