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Microsoft Surface Duo smartphone available on September 10

Microsoft Surface Duo smartphone available on September 10

Microsoft’s new Android phone will be released on the 10th of September. The Surface Duo, a dual-screen device is expected to cost around 1.200 euros.

Even though the device features two screens, it does not have a foldable screen. The device has two separate screens: each screen is 5.6 inches (1.800 x 1.350 pixels). However, they can be deployed together as a single screen, in which case the two screens are displayed side by side. The screens are located on the interior of the device and can be combined to form a single 8.1-inch screen.

Surface Duo

The device is equipped with a Snapdragon 855 chip, according to The Verge. In addition, it has 6GB of working memory and 265GB storage capacity. The battery is 3.577 mAh, which isn’t particularly impressive, especially for two screens. Furthermore, support for 5G is not available.

It is possible to take selfies with the 11-megapixel camera. The camera can also be used in videoconferencing.

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Most Surface devices are not smartphones, but instead laptop or tablets. You might think that this is a computer, but it’s a smartphone. Although with a combined screen size of 8.1 inches, you could describe it as a kind of tablet.