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Google has announced a basic version of Android Enterprise for use by small companies. The package includes a number of basic security options to protect smartphones used by businesses.

Android Enterprise Essentials consists of a few basic features to secure an Android device from a company policy. They are intended for smaller businesses on a smaller budget.


The suite offers several features, including:

  • Requiring the phone to be locked with a code or pattern, combined with encryption of the data on the phone.
  • Google Play Protect cannot be disabled.
  • Apps cannot be installed from outside the Play Store.
  • The ability to erase all company data from a device.
  • All company policies are already set up before the user goes through the setup process.


Large companies can also use Enterpsise Essentials if they feel the suite fits their neeeds well enough. The service will be available starting early 2021.

Tip: Android Enterprise Recommended program now also available for MSPs