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Smartphone sales are set to rebound in 2021 from the dip the market went through in 2020. A total of one and a half billion new devices are estimated to be sold.

This is what Gartner writes in a report on the smartphone market. According to the research company, the corona pandemic and the still small availability of 5G phones caused consumers to postpone purchasing a new device. According to Gartner, a large proportion of these people will buy a new phone in 2021.

In 2020, smartphone sales fell by 10.5 percent compared to the previous year. Gartner expects that this year they will increase again by 11.4 percent. With more and more affordable phones with 5G coming out, Gartner thinks that these will play an increasing role in sales, with 539 million 5G devices sold by 2021.

Strong growth in Western Europe

Particularly strong growth is expected in the Western European, Latin American and developed East Asian markets. It is not entirely clear on what the consultancy bases this expectation. However, Tim Cook recently identified the same areas as places where the rollout of 5G is currently lagging. Presumably, many consumers there are waiting for the right moment to upgrade to 5G.

Computers and tablets very popular

The decline of the smartphone market in 2020 is a striking contrast to other technologies that did well. PCs and tablets were immensely popular, mainly because many people had to work from home and needed devices to do so. Schools especially bought many Chromebooks and tablets for students.

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