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Oppo has risen to the top in China, it has become the best-selling smartphone brand in China for the first time. Counterpoint’s report states that the company managed to get 21% of the world’s biggest smartphone market in January, beating Vivo and Huawei, which both got 20%.

Apple and Xiaomi came in third and fourth with 16% each. Oppo’s sales shot up 26% year on year and improved by 33% from the previous month. Counterpoint states that the new Reno 5 series is one of the reasons for this success. It launched to acclaim, offering better specs at a lower price than the Reno 4.

Who lost the market share gained by Oppo?

For Oppo to gain market share in China, someone had to lose it and the report shows that Huawei’s troubles are not just being felt abroad, but at home too.

Counterpoint reports that Huawei has shifted focus to the premium market, because of the components shortage, after sanctions were implemented by the now-gone Trump administration.

Chinese distributors in the smartphone market have been focusing on non-Chinese brands for volume.

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Sparked by sanctions, Huawei’s move to sell Honor will now lead to a reduced market share since Honor is now seen as more of a competitor than an asset.

The figures shown represent just one month of sales. However, Counterpoint feels that Huawei’s share of the market will continue to shrink throughout the rest of this year. Oppo will have to take up this market share and use their latest flagship, the Find X3 Pro, to accelerate growth.

If you would like an early look at the smartphone, the company releases a teaser that leaves very little to the imagination.

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