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Apple programming language Swift is steadily gaining popularity

Apple programming language Swift is steadily gaining popularity

Programming language Swift, which allows developers to build apps for iOS, is now one of the top ten most popular programming languages. Python has meanwhile, one month after finishing in the top three, dropped back to fourth place.

This is demonstrated by the TIOBE index with the most popular programming languages. The most popular languages are according to TIOBE Java and C. Python also dropped to fourth place, just behind C++. Nevertheless, Python is more popular than last year, when it took its fifth place in the ranking.

The most popular programming languages

TIOBE compiles its list based on various sources, including Google, Bing and Wikipedia. The list of the most popular programming languages is drawn up on the basis of these sources. TIOBE further compiles the list to help developers make choices about the skills they want to learn. These are currently the most popular programming languages:

  1. Java
  2. C
  3. C++
  4. Python
  5. Visual Basic.NET
  6. C#
  7. PHP
  8. JavaScript
  9. SQL
  10. Swift

Swift is clearly the most popular programming language for developing mobile apps for iOS, writes TIOBE. But since it’s only available for iOS and not for Android, you can also see that more and more developers are switching to write once deploy everywhere frameworks.

According to TIOBE, tenth place has been quite unstable in recent months. For a long time Ruby and Perl have been the two programming languages that fought for this place, but meanwhile Swift, Go and R also compete for this place. However, R (currently #14) is facing more and more competition from Python. And as far as the Go programming language is concerned, it remains unclear how it distinguishes itself from other programming languages.

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