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Zoho makes collaboration-based e-learning platform TrainerCentral available. With this, the company aims to expand its business to more markets.

With TrainerCentral, which was previously only available in India, Zoho delivers an e-learning platform that allows content providers and creators to offer various e-learning facilities in a simple way. Think live sessions and on-demand courses and tests. The built-in collaboration functionality also makes it possible to set up a ‘community’ of sorts.


In terms of functionality, the TrainerCentral platform merges various functionality from other Zoho solutions. In addition to all the e-learning functionality, the platform also has modules for handling business administration, online conferencing and various analytics capabilities.

Furthermore, the platform is free of advertisements, and the data is stored in Zoho’s own private cloud environment. TrainerCentral makes it possible to store the data locally. In time, TrainerCentral should replace the Zoho Showtime solution. In particular, it will replace the Showtime module in Zoho One.

Starter and professional version

The e-learning platform is available in three different versions. There is a free version with limited functionality, a Starter version for up to 50 end users and an extensive Professional version for up to 100 end users.