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Dell Technologies revealed 2 new modern designs for usage by companies building software programs for three-dimensional online environments characterizing the Metaverse.

The Metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds, encompassing technologies like blockchain, digital twins, smart objects, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Various markets like architecture and real estate have started incorporating these modern concepts. The majority of people worldwide believe Metaverse is the future of technology.

About the reference designs

The reference designs contain Dell-validated software and hardware specifications, deployment templates, testing parameters, deployment guides, and best practices. They’re widely employed by enterprise customers and systems integrators when assembling tailor-made technology packages.

“These immersive experiences are driving a greater need for real-time computing across massive workloads that combine visual data, AI and machine learning,” Jonathan Siegal, senior VP of Dell’s infrastructure solutions group, wrote in a blog post to be published today. “This will accelerate the decentralization of computing from hyperscale data centers to… edge infrastructure.”

About Dell’s Validated Design for VDI

The Validated Design for VDI by Dell was created with Nvidia Corp – graphic processing giant – and Intel corporation. It offers the groundwork for a new virtual desktop structure. In addition, it allows reviewers and designers to collaborate in real-time.

“Leveraging Nvidia’s Omniverse helps companies collaborate faster, whether in engineering, architecture or entertainment, where workflows have been pretty linear,” Siegal said in an interview. From Dell’s perspective, he added, “a lot of this stuff is going to move things toward the edge, and this will take a massive amount of computing.”

Dell’s latest Validated Design for AI

Moreover, the latest Dell Validated Design for AI standardizes and streamlines machine learning (ML) operations so data gurus can deliver models to production quicker. It’s created with ML operating systems from Cnvrg.io, the trade name of Accessible Labs ltd.

According to a survey, more than 85% of ML models don’t make it to the operations mainly because of inferior lifecycle management. Hence, Dell’s new reference design models are a savior for enterprises worldwide.